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DE-PARK Investment GmbH is committed to working together with partners to develop and implement special parking systems for our customers. Particular emphasis is placed on customized solutions that meet the highest requirements. DE-PARK Investment GmbH takes a long-term and holistic advisory. In cooperation with our German partners, we develop solutions for different projects, in their cost-effectiveness, quality and value we believe. Our range covers all the key systems so that we can offer a wide range of solutions for individual requirements of our customers.


Our clients are in particular, architects, developers, builders.


DE-PARK Investment GmbH and our team has over 5 years of market experience as well as the necessary product know-how to implement our projects successfully.


We believe in the value of economic and professional trade and aim, through a comprehensive knowledge of projects and parking systems, we generate our customers an attractive added value.

Kontakt / Contact

DE-PARK Investment GmbH
Wehmerweg 2
22529 Hamburg

Deutschland / Germany

Tel.: 0049-(0)40-2548-1563

Fax: 0049-(0)40-2548-1564

Email:  office@de-park.de


Kontakt / Contact - Parking

DE- PARK Büro / Office Leipzig

Neumarkt 16-18

04109 Leipzig

Deutschland / Germany


Tel.: +49-(0)341-24700-131

Fax: +49-(0)341-24700-132

Email: info@de-park.com


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